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Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards

Thanks to Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards for interview 448 Foodbank Johor president, Eric Lim.

448: Four hours a month, forty-eight hours a year. The meaning behind the number 448 refers to the minimum number of hours individuals should spend helping other people; a volunteering lifestyle 448 Foodbank would like the community to adopt.
Beginning as a humble food bank distributor to five families in 2015, 448 Foodbank has grown from a group of eight friends to a network of total 500 volunteers helping 300 families in three years. It began in 2015 when founder Eric Lim was pondering over the root cause of robberies in his community. It occurred to him that logically, nobody would resort to a path of crimes unless desperate. He saw a social problem that needed to be addressed, wielded with a “I can do something” attitude.

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Want to be #VOLUNTEERS or #DONORS? Contact us, PM us Or Call / WhatsApp 0162417448 for further detail.

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30 Aug 2022